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Jan 8

The LACE Community Welcomes YOU!!


Edited: May 29


Hey there sister,

So glad you are now part of the LDM community. The cool thing about this is that you can chat with sisters from anywhere in the world right on your phone. You want to start by filling out your profile (look at the top right corner).


1. Upload a picture

2. Tell us about you by answering the questions below:

- What is a verse you hold on to (i.e. life verse)?

- What is your favorite travel destination so far?

- When did you meet Jesus?

- What is your favorite book?

- What is your biggest fear?

- Fun fact:

*look at my personal (elizabethfoil) profile for an example*

3. Make a post in the "Hello Sister" area with the same info you added to your profile.

4. Follow the categories "Hello Sister" & "Book Club" for all updates.


Don't forget to comment on other posts to get the conversation started.


Feel free to go ahead and start a new thread or conversation but keep in mind that any negative or inappropriate content will be removed and you will lose community privileges if the issue requires.


We want this to be a fresh, honest, and Christ-centered community for ALL of you.


So go ahead and leave comments, add images, fun emojis, etc.


Let's start the conversation, welcome to the community <3



New Posts
  • Hello sisters! First and foremost please call me Beth, we are friends after all. - What is a verse you hold on to (i.e. life verse)? My life verse is Psalm 16:8, "I am always aware of the Lord's presence. He is near and nothing can shake me." I love this verse because it has helped me through every season. The Lord's presence is the most special thing. It is everything we need whether this season is "good" or "bad". - What is your favorite travel destination so far? Probably Boston at Thanksgiving! The SNOW!!!!!! - When did you meet Jesus? Seven years old! - What is a big change in you since? Less fearful, but really I am more courageous. I do things ANYWAY (despite fear) because I know who is Bigger and knows BEST. - What is your favorite book? That is too hard... I love reading a book my best friend gave me called "Sunflower" by Richard Paul Evans. That is my favorite Summer read. My favorite classic is the "Scarlet Pimpernel". - What is your biggest fear? It is impossible thank God! (it would be life without Jesus). - Fun fact: I'm a Southern woman who LOVES unsweet tea ;)