It is my prayer that you will find love and truth here. That you would know how WANTED you are. That you will know God calls you worth it. That you can find women to relate to and learn what it means to have abundant life. Life acclaiming Christ everyday.

God is SO in the details, when Lace Devotion started three years ago I had no idea that LACE meant more than just feminine beauty. That it IS actually our mission statement. L(life) A (acclaiming) C(Christ) E(everyday). Check our our mission page for more on what that means and why this is our mission here at LaceDevotion. 


I hope you find encouragement here and stories you can relate to on the blog. More than this I hope you engage with us on the LACE Community and take advantage of volunteer opportunities. Connect with us, let us know what is going on in your life and your mission field. We would love to pray for you and if you have a desire to join our team, reach out as well.


You should also know I love the Lord with all my heart and my goal is to give Him glory in everything. I believe we all need encouragement and unconditional love. I also think young girls are some of the most left out group in communities today, speaking as one who felt that way most of middle and high school...


YOU, my friend, are special. You matter right now. You matter in every season, whether you are single, married, working, in school, or just trying to figure out life -- guess what?


We have all been there!

And where you are is important because this is your mission field!! The mission field of here and now. God is preparing you for the future but He has called you to live intentionally NOW.


You have friends here just waiting to connect with you. You have encouragement here just waiting to be read and pour into your heart and soul.


You are loved more than you can possibly imagine. Realizing His love truly is unconditional IS the ultimate step to truly living. Hold nothing back. We are praying for you friend and we are here for YOU.


Many blessings friend!


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