What does life acclaiming Christ everyday (LACE) look like?

That's what we are here to find out with you! 


We first have to know we are:

1. known & loved by Him

2. realize we need Him & accept a relationship with Him

3. build that relationship

and share Him with others... but we'll get more to that in a minute.

But how?

Through daily devotions, weekly blog posts, collaborations, and reaching out right where we are.

It is living on mission for Christ where we examine practical and daily application, provide encouragement to you so you can encourage others, and help you as you deal with fear, anxiety, rejection, and criticism.

It is getting to the real life of it...

One of the biggest lies the enemy uses is telling you that you are alone. That you are the first and last, the ONLY person to every struggle with _____. That you are crazy to dream big. That people will think you are insane if you share your faith or that you aren't qualified. We are here to break down these walls that Satan is trying to build and help you tear down the walls already in place. To equip you to being a missionary right where God has you right now.

Mission Statement

LaceDevotion is a community dedicated to abundant living and pursuing a life acclaiming Christ everyday.


We are here to equip women of faith to be on daily mission with practical application through studying the Bible, encouragement, meeting others, and diving in on how we can acclaim Him everyday.

Statement of Faith

We believe in the unconditional love of God, we believe in the redemption of Christ, we believe in the Trinity, and our foundation is the Word of God. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that every word is true. We believe in the virgin birth of Christ. We believe everyone is a sinner but that Christ died once for all so everyone can be saved through faith in Him.


We firmly believe God wants us all to know Him, to know the truth, and be saved. He did, after all, send Christ to die and rise again to defeat death and make it possible for a relationship with Him. Once for all.

1 Timothy 2:4, John 3:16, Matthew 1:23, Romans 3:23, 6:23, etc.

The backstory...

LDM has gone through some changes since our start as a blog in Summer 2015, where our founder (Beth) was a leader of an upcoming 11th-grade girls group at a Christian High School Camp. Conversations with these young ladies sparked the idea to do something to encourage the girls long after the camp ended.

Her love of writing and sharing the Gospel came together in a way she could never have planned. God called her to reach out to more than just her group of girls, launching the first Lace Devotion blog in August of 2015.

In Summer of 2017, a short two years later, the Lord revealed a new vision to expand Lace Devotion from a blog to also a community with events and Bible studies for young women to not only share their struggles and share life together but also to grow together as they go through this journey of life. Thus LaceDevotion Ministries was established and launched in August of 2017.


High school and college are hard enough but without a community of believers and sisters to wrap you up it is even harder... that's why we are here. 

But that seems to be just the beginning as Elizabeth graduated college God expanded the mission once again but this time with a revision. LDM will continue to write blogs and encourage young women in their faith but as God asked Elizabeth to share her daily devotions on our Instagram and Facebook starting January 1, 2018, He also placed a new vision. To help young women be courageous in sharing their faith, wherever they are and wherever He leads them.

All of our seasons matter and we believe God is leading you in this moment to be a missionary for Him in whatever industry He is calling you to, at school, at home, and every other location He is sending you right now.

You CAN be on mission everyday.

And you can have confidence in sharing the Gospel now!

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