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A Double-Door Entrance

Updated: Apr 20

After class today I went to Chick-fil-A (CFA) to study and work on all things school, mostly finish preparing for a huge presentation I have in the morning.

I walked up expecting a typical experience.

But it wasn't typical and it wasn't the CFA team or even the food.

When I walked up with my overly large and heavy backpack, thinking about all I needed to do (in my own world), I looked up and two men who had been walking in front of me were holding BOTH doors open for me.

It was simple but I felt like a Princess.

To only play more on this feeling, they both said, "Madam." and one even motioned with his arms like you see someone do in the movies. In my shock, I thanked them both and told them how nice it was. As I walked in someone else from the inside opened the next door for me as one of the men came up and opened the other door. Again a double-door entrance. The other guy noted it saying something like, "Wow, look at you another grand entrance."

My smile must have been huge and I told them how special it was and thanked them again.

Isn't it funny how something simple can literally throw us off....

That people's kindness and unexpected things really can throw us and sometimes, like this, in such a sweet way.

I think that's how God opens doors for us in our lives.

He finds joy in it just like these men did. He wants to open those doors in our lives that He knows will be a blessing.

Am I shocked when He does this for me too? When He gives me an obviously double-door entrance to something? Maybe even something I had thought would be typical.

There is nothing typical about it.

When He opens doors for us to walk through - we ought to realize the specialness of it. He has gone before us and created these awesome opportunities, how do we react? How do I react?

Sometimes I think we don't expect Him to open the right door. We just keep walking and knocking or expecting to have to push through ourselves. But that's not how it is. He opens the doors He wants us to walk through. But we also have to walk through it.

It may seem simple.

It may look ordinary even.

But this is a God-opened opportunity. He has opened the door for you.

How could we not walk through? How could we not smile wide and feel like a Princess?

Are we just in shock that He would do it?

Or are we so determined to open the door ourselves that we miss the moment He has set before us?

I don't know about you but when He opens a door I want to glide through. I want to live that life. This life He has planned.

As Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them." (NASB)

Embrace the fact that YOU are His workmanship. That you are created to walk in these blessed things. The right door might look different or come at a time you didn't expect but He prepared it. He will open it so that YOU can choose to walk through because remember you have a choice here. That's why I say embrace it. Take those moments and thank God for them.

Embrace the little moments today where He is reminding you of the big picture.

I could have seen this as just happenstance and a nice one at that but the Holy Spirit reminded me, using this moment and of all the times (even now) He is opening doors for me to walk through.

With a smile as wide as mine was today walking through those physical doors.

Walking in them...

With humble expectation not because of me but because He has gone before me and He has chosen this door for me to walk through.

By His side.

He really is the Ultimate Gentleman.

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