• Elizabeth Foil

The Battle of Happy

Okay, anyone else fought against the stigma of happiness?

We see it every day on social media. The "perfect" posts, the "perfect" families, the "perfect" lives, and the "perfect" relationships....

You know what I'm talking about. And I'm not against in any way sharing our good news on social media but when we take life and spin it - really, dying to turn it into something "perfect"... that's dangerous.

Nothing is that perfect.

I know many things people post are genuine and GOOD things. So YAY!

Praise for those blessings but can we all admit - that those are not daily occurrences.

You don't get engaged every day.

You don't fly to Paris every day.

So what about the everyday? It's like social media has picked a fight with the daily saying that if it isn't better or more "perfect" than something is wrong with you.

That's not true.

Those things happen but they are the HIGHLIGHT REEL moments. Share those moments but share the other ones too. How about we focus on accurate representation? I know most people think as Christians we have to be "happy" all the time.... where is that in the Bible? Joy is a fruit of the Spirit but happiness isn't.


Because happiness is conditional.

Joy is not.

Joy is the fact we have God with us and His promises always.

Happiness is the highlight reel.

What about when we are really struggling?

What about when we fight depression or are grieving?

What about the other side of the coin?



What about then?

Being happy all the time isn't possible - who are we kidding. The problem I keep hearing from girls is that they think someone else's highlight reel is their ENTIRE life. Thus, something is wrong with you for struggling.

That something is wrong with you for feeling other feelings than happiness...

Because happiness is that --- a feeling.

And those fade.

They change.

But you know what doesn't...

The fact that




The fact that joy is an every day thing.

The truth that every day isn't a highlight reel moment.

Praise God for highlight moments but also praise Him for being constant when it's not.

Next time you see someone struggling online or in person be brave and reach out to them -- be vulnerable.

The world needs vulnerable Christians.

People who are willing to share the truth and to be joyful, but admitting Christianity isn't perfection.

If it was - we couldn't need Christ.

And boy.... do we need Him daily.

That's the point.

That's why it matters. Share LIFE and not just the highlight reel.

Share what He is teaching you.

Share His power in your moments of weakness.



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