Updates Coming

Hello all,

Wanted to fill y'all in that there are updates coming to LDM. We are not going to reveal what these updates are as of yet, hence the excitement of this. We are so excited to see what God is going to do as we continue to embrace where God is leading LDM.

This leads us to a request, as we are following what God has placed as the next step for us, we wanted to mention that we are accepting blogger nominations, young women who are interested in partnering with us as weekly or monthly LDM bloggers or as guest bloggers. If you know a lady who has a heart for God's kingdom and is willing to share her story and the Gospel, please nominate her by emailing us (lacedevotion@yahoo.com) or messaging us via the bottom of the "contact" tab at the top of our website menu.

We also humbly ask for your prayers as we go through this transition.

In love,

LDM Team


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