I Would Have Prepared Better | Lindsey

If someone had told me in middle school that I had already met the man I would marry I am pretty sure I would have freaked out! However, now that we are married, I have one thing I wish I would have done differently.

I would have prepared better.

I would have prepared my heart and protected it more. Prepared and protected it for my spouse and really work on becoming the wife God is now calling me to be. I would have been more diligent in developing deep roots in my Identity in Jesus so that I would have the ability to love, trust, submit, and cheer on my husband. To be the wife that can help my husband be the leader God has called him to be over our marriage and our home.

Ladies, we need to be the cheerleaders and prayer warriors that our husbands need us to be so that they can continue to be the men of God that our world so desperately needs. So that they can stand up in this world knowing they have a companion they can count on and help build them back up when they do get knocked down.

Now, this might look different for everyone but a great place to start is praying for your future husband and praying specific things over him. One of my personal favorites is to pray that he has a desire for God that is unmatched, and that the desire would permeate through every aspect of his life.

There is nothing more powerful than prayer.

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