• Elizabeth Foil

We Remember

May we truly remember today and be thankful of what it means to be an American. Nothing we do today or any other day was possible without those who came before us and made this sacrifice. Sitting here typing this I think about the families that never got to see their loved one again. Yes it is sad. Very sad, as it should be. Because they chose us over themselves. They are heroes in every sense of the word. Please, no matter where you are today reflect on this.

Remember them as you hug your children.

As you meet new friends.

As you eat and drink.

As you go out on the lake.

As you dig your toes in the sand.

As you do yard work.

Or get to that project that you have kept for this day off.

It is more than a day off, we all know this. May we truly take a moment to be humble and thankful. To really realize how special it is to have this day because it is more than a day - it is every day we have been a Nation because of these countless men and women. We owe them more than our thoughts.

We owe so much more than we know, to call ourselves Americans but all they wanted was this... for there to be life after them. For their sacrifice to mean FREEDOM.

So wave your flag higher today.

May our prayers be focused on our Nation. On those in active duty! On those who are struggling as veterans for the choice they made to live on the line for us. I understand it is not Veterans Day but please thank a Vet today. I am sure, they feel the weight of today because they lost buddies. They have been to the war zone. They know so much more than we ever will.

And now they walk in the freedom they gave us too but believe that they never forget. So please remember.

Put aside the politics and let us talk about America today.

For each one of them is more than American, they are America - they are why we are a Nation.

May we be a Nation standing on a hill, shining freedom continuously throughout the world.

Because that was part of it too, you know? How much of the world today now has a government of the people and for the people because of our people?

Too many to name.

God bless you and that in America we can not only say this but stand by it with every fiber of our being.


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