• Elizabeth Foil

When God Saved Me From an Abusive Relationship

I remember wondering if this guy was the “one”. I remember changing myself thinking that was “required.” I remember giving up parts of myself until God broke it apart and lovingly took hold of my hand and asked me to not question the light He has placed in me and that also meant not accepting someone who creates doubt in me. That I wouldn’t need to change myself for the right one. That there wouldn’t be a moment of him making me feel less to the point of questioning my place before the Father. Because that is what had started to happen. This part of my story might be years old but it continues to move and mold me. ⁠

⁠ THIS is what it means not to settle, it means not discrediting your journey by walking on someone else’s path instead of your paths joining. Don’t walk away from your path for someone else’s. If they are right, your paths *even with intention* will join by His grace. You want someone to run this race with. Not someone who disrupts your race and wants to steal you away from all God has intended for you. That’s not loving and it certainly isn’t from God. Before you ask yourself is he the one, ask yourself this – is he asking me to leave my God-given path? Is he being used more by the enemy or by the Creator of my soul? Is he bringing me to darkness or light? Because sweet friend what I learned that day was God didn’t want me to sit in darkness with this guy. My light was too bright, and pretty soon I saw this guy couldn’t take it. And in that he attacked me in more ways than one. I asked God to let me sit with this guy in the darkness and that was when He reached down to take my hand and He said, “Enough, I’ve made you to walk in the light, not sit in darkness.” Now, this isn’t to say our light won’t influence those in darkness but when you are trying to make a lifetime happen with someone who denies your light – there is a large scale problem and not one God has put you in. I looked up and took His hand and I let Him heal every hurt – even the fact that I had let myself sit there way too long. ⁠

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