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Wanting To Be "Perfect"

Updated: Mar 5

I always wanted to be the girl who had it all together and I am proud to say now that I don’t, and I won’t. Why the change? Because Jesus loves to mold us. His hand is literally on our lives as He makes us into the exact creation His very mind thought up. There is something so beyond precious about being in His thoughts but something so mesmerizing about being touched by Him. By choosing Jesus I say goodbye to the perfectionist mentality. This happens one hello to Him at a time.

I choose His version of me and not mine.

You see, He IS perfect. By giving up my version of perfect I actually allow true perfection to mold me. There is no better version of me. Because that girl He is molding, is the one He has planned for more.

Everything else is my carbon copy and my DIY version of who He has purposed.

His girl… that’s who I want to be with all of my being because she is complete, not in herself but in Jesus Himself. That’s perfection to me. He makes me complete and more than I can ever hope to be. #onehelloatatime

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