8 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Your Senior Year!

This is not how you planned it. Nor how you hoped it would end. We know you are disappointed and hurt. As you should be but it isn't over.

It may not look as you planned but we have some ideas for how YOU can still celebrate and make this time memorable, making it more about new beginnings rather than unplanned endings.

Here is the deal. Most of the normal expectations of ending high school have been taken from you. It wasn’t your choice. It wasn't anyone's choice for you. But THIS time, your last semester of being a senior is not wasted! This time is NOT a waste of time! And why are we sure of that? Because every breath is worth living. This season. This day. This life. And that means also celebrating even in ways you didn't think were possible.

God has a bigger plan for you than you can even understand right now.

He is teaching you more about trusting Him right now. More than most adults have yet to experience. You are learning something that many others have not had yet to learn.

You have a chance to leave a legacy in this season!

Leave a legacy that says, “I did not let a pandemic ruin my senior year. It only made it MORE special.” There is not a senior class before you that has been through a pandemic, you are special and God created you for such a time as this. Remember that!

He knew what was coming Spring 2020 and He also knew... how you will overcome!

For such a time as this... TO OVERCOME! To leave a mark on a scared world and impact your peers and thousands of others. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

We promised ideas for making the most of this and here they are:

  • Have a zoom prom! You can use Spotify or YouTube and create a playlist! Dress up, maybe invite a friend over, etc!

  • Create a social media senior week!

  • Go to your backyard and play your sport like it’s your last chance! Maybe record it and put it online or do a FB Live! (or did someone say TikTok?!)

  • Make your own Graduation!

  • Create your own yearbook!

  • Put your Prom dress on and wear it all day long! Cause YESS GIRL! Why not!

  • Put on a production for your Instagram followers!

  • Be a LACE senior spotlight! YES!! We want to spotlight every senior you know!! Whether they are high school, college, graduate, etc. Submit yourself, a friend or family member. As many as you want! Just send us the info via the steps below, NOW for a feature this month by emailing us at lacedevotion@gmail.com.

You will remember this time in your life, make the most of NOW!! Because you are worth it! And you were meant to! What a chance to be creative.
You deserve to live, truly LIVE this time.

We want you to know we love you and are fervently praying for you!

Beth & Elizabeth

the Lace team

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