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A Tangled Plan

Sometimes the plan turns out different than we had imagined. At first this may appear to be the greatest negative of a circumstance. The disappointment. I absolutely love the movie Tangled. My favorite part, besides the end, is the scene where Eugene and Rapunzel are in the boat waiting for the floating lights (aka lanterns).

This scene is so beautiful not just aesthetically but their relationship blossoms to a whole new level. Rapunzel opens up on a whole new way. She shares her fears. And how does he respond? He reassures her that one, she will not be disappointed but two, even if she is there is still a positive outcome; she can go find a new dream.

When I first saw this film I was a sophomore in high school.

I had been praying for literally years, begging God to give me direction and more importantly give me a purpose; give me a dream.

He did my junior year.

Sure the dream was more of an idea to a degree and not a detailed plan but it was something.

Something to work toward, to pray about, pursue and eventually find a more specific way in it. I was given a calling to help people.

I know what you must be thinking – there are a MILLION ways to help people. That, my friend, you are so right about! I have always been one for hands on helping others but this time it was different. This was about a different kind of help. One that gets to the heart in ways other helping doesn’t (at least not a first).

Think about your life. Tell me a pivotal moment.

Tell me.

That’s right; tell me a story and more than likely that story has to do with another story within the story.

Storytelling. That was it. That was all I had. Storytelling. So writing? Yes. Or producing stories? Yes. Or acting out stories? Yes. Or developing and editing stories? Yes. The list can go on even a little bit further.

All I knew for sure: storytelling because nothing evokes emotion like stories.

You see we have all been Rapunzel looking out our window at lanterns that we first have to chart to make sure they aren’t stars. Then we have to know – that something about this is meant for us or we are meant to make a difference in it.

This sets us on a journey where we meet many people. You’re going to meet a lot of people in your life. People who try to hold us back from just seeing lights in the sky and people who make it happen.

Here is the beautiful thing.

I might still be unsure about the specifics but God isn’t.

The plan is never tangled to him. He isn’t shocked that I love writing stories – he knew it even before I could hold a pen. You are destined for many things. But maybe like me and like Rapunzel you are stilling here wondering okay – what if I actually do this and it isn’t what I thought or what if it is then what?

Guess what? That’s the beautiful thing about this. Then you get to find a new dream.

God is the Creator. He is the definition of creative. He is never short circuited for new dreams. He knows your life inside and out. He has planted all the dreams He wants you to pursue inside your heart for you to find as you go throughout life – each having their own perfect timing.

Speaking of timing. Just what we all love. There will be waiting. Maybe for years to get any sign of direction or maybe in the next step waiting for specifics as you continue to grow and learn as well as continually ask direction.

Tangled may be just a story but how relatable. Eugene didn’t show up too late or too soon nor did it seem perfect to him or Rapunzel but he came without knowing it, to show her the journey to those lights. And eventually they both found new dreams. You know how the story goes.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel like the plan for your life is tangled or out of reach.

Even if you feel blinded right now. He is not. He has the light and is shining it down to you so you can see the steps as you need to. Maybe the hard thing to accept right now is the waiting. This, believe me, is the most growing part of all.

Learn as you wait but do not give up hope.

He will tell you when to move. Be in tune and you won’t miss it.

No one wants you to be the person you were made to be and do the things you were made to do more than our Heavenly Father.

You are after all, His beloved child.

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