Being Grateful for the Busy Times

As I find myself in a season of busyness, surrounded by chaos and exhaustion I realize just how grateful I am for this season. Ever since I was little I was always content with being still but longed to be more busy. With my wedding quickly approaching, work being insanely busy, and trying to figure out everything my fiance and I need to be able to survive on our own; it’s easy to get stressed out and want to just crawl in bed and hide.

Here lately God has placed the word grateful on my heart. I’ll be honest with you in admitting that for the past few months I’ve been searching for ways to make my life better. That’s when God spoke to me and faced me with the hard but beautiful truth that I am so blessed beyond all measure.

So what if I don’t get a big promotion at work? I have a job in a career that I long to thrive in. So what if my fiance and I won't be buying our first house right before we get married? We have a beautiful apartment in an amazing community waiting for us.

What if I am not near as lean and strong as I want to be? I am taking all the needed steps to create good habits that will result in better health both mentally and physically. By focusing on the positive details in life it creates a heart full of gratefulness in us.

No matter where you are in life whether that be on top of the world or in the valley, I challenge you for a week: every time you have a negative thought about yourself or your life to twist those words around to speak gratefulness in what you do have. We all have a lot to be thankful for. God has equipped us with a longing for gratefulness, all we have to do is listen to Him and a heart full of gratefulness will overflow.

Brittnie currently works as a paralegal in Atlanta. She graduated with a Paralegal Studies degree from Liberty University Online last year. She has a passion for writing and being able to use it to help others. She has a love for all things Fall and Christmas, not to mention her love of reading! Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Her and her fiance, Ryan, will be getting married this November.

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