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Mission Spotlight: Chrissy Rowden

This week's mission spotlight is lifestyle and fashion blogger Chrissy Rowden! She is a mom of four boys, a pastor's wife, and a new resident of Florida who has a great heart for Jesus and sharing Him with others through life and fashion. I (Elizabeth) first met Chrissy at Hebron Baptist Church many years ago and I loved hearing stories about her adventures with her husband Glen as they were foreign missionaries and of course, their adventures raising boys (two being twins)!

We are so excited to share this interview with you all and know her answers will encourage your heart. Life is our mission field. Support her and find out more about her via her website here and instagram @granola_n_grace.

How did you start fashion blogging? Would you say this is a ministry for you?

Funny, but I began blogging to share about clean eating; whole foods, green smoothies, bread made fresh from milled wheat, etc. However, it didn't take long to realize that, though I enjoyed eating healthy foods, I didn't enjoy researching and explaining the "why" behind it. Around the same time, a new friend passed on several bags of clothing that she no longer wanted. Fast forward a couple of weeks and another woman, that I knew only in passing, gave me her castoffs!

"I think you would be cute in these", she remarked, followed by more encouraging statements to put together stylish outfits.

Where was this coming from?? I had always felt fashionably challenged, not to mention budget-challenged. However, with the new-to-me items hanging in my closet I began to experiment with different looks. Little by little, a fondness for fashion developed and before I knew it, I was sharing outfits on the blog. Now, some of those outfits were pretty comical but I wasn't afraid to try and encourage others to do the same.

Blogging is a ministry, but I didn't set out for it to be so. I'm naturally open about where my joy, creativity and passion for life comes from. I use the blog to connect with others, all the while praying for His light to shine through my smiles, words and any other means of contact I have.

What other areas of life would you call your mission fields (home, church, etc.)

My husband and I were once foreign missionaries and to this day, I'll still say the most challenging mission field is our home! When I'm not abiding in Christ, they are the first ones notice. Truly, I believe that all areas of my life are mission fields. From the cupcake shop to within the church walls, I need to be intentionally focused on my God given purpose to bring Him glory and point others to Him.

Acts 1:8

What is God currently teaching you?

To draw near to Him (and His throne of GRACE) with confidence, remembering that I have a great High Priest, who is able to sympathize with my struggles; my weakness. He is teaching me to draw near with a sincere heart in FULL assurance and hold fast to my hope in Christ because He is faithful! ~Hebrews 4:14-16, Hebrews 10:19, 22, 23

During our move to Florida, as well as the continued transition, my days are full and oftentimes stressful. I'm homeschooling 2 out of our 4 boys, learning a new area, trying to develop new relationships in the church, keep up teen schedules, maintain the blog, set up a new home, and the list goes on. Some days the looming task list takes over my brain and I sheepishly approach my heavenly Father, wondering if this hot mess of a daughter is displeasing Him.

Then I read the above verses and I'm reminded of the hope in Christ that I should be clinging to. He can sympathize with my weakness and walk through each trial and struggle, as well as the calling that He has for me.

How do you maintain a daily relationship with Him?

With little opportunity to join up with a Bible study group at this time, I find the "Write the Word" journals, by Lara Casey, to be so helpful. There is something about physically writing verses, that draws in my focus. Also, taking a few moments to watch a sunrise or listen to worship music, inclines my heart and thoughts to Him, preparing me to listen.

From there, I talk with God all throughout the day, praying when I drive or even washing the dishes. There are days when distraction takes over completely, but I find Him, mercifully and gracefully, waiting for me.

Quite honestly, it's His grace that upholds me and keeps me. Where would I be without it??

Why did you decide to start blogging?

With a house of 4 boys, I needed a creative outlet that I could do on my own time, whether that was 10 0'clock at night or 4 in the morning!

At LaceDevotion Ministries our mission statement is Life Acclaiming Christ Everyday, how do you like to share Christ everyday with others? (through your blog, home life, friendships, etc.)

With kindness and conversations; offering to pray for people and talking to them about who God is, and how He has changed my life.

Where has God proven Himself faithful over and over again?

There are innumerable accounts and ways He continues to be faithful. For the long story of how He faithfully and miraculously provided for our family in our most recent adventure and move to Florida, check my recent post HERE. http://www.granolangrace.com/2018/08/our-georgia-season-finale-beauty-in.html

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I'm utterly grateful to the Lord for His love, for Jesus and for saving a lost young woman several years ago!


We are so excited Chrissy agreed to do this interview exchange with us. To see our founder, Elizabeth Foil's answers to the same questions visit her website here.

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