• Elizabeth Foil

Do Both | No Choice Between

Do both.

Why can't we support life? And by that, I mean ALL life.

I feel like this should be simple and today I was reminded, it is.

We don't have to choose here.

This is what I mean by pro-life:

I will fight in the corner WITH you, not against you.

When did we stop loving one another...

Supporting women so they can keep their baby or give them up for adoption.

This means BEING there when they realize they are pregnant, having relationships with women around us.

This means BEING there when they need support... when they realize the realities of having a child.

When they see the prices and sacrifices.

When they see the ultrasound.

When they think they are all alone.

Then realize, they aren't but that the life that is there -- they have to support and be an "adult" for.

What about supporting the girl who is "too young"?

What about supporting the girl trying to get her degree?

What about supporting her, so she KNOWS that being a single parent isn't impossible?

Or that giving her baby up, doesn't make her a bad mother.

And also, supporting women if they have chosen abortion in the past.

There is a clear choice here and it isn't choosing between them; the mother OR the baby.

We act like we have to choose BETWEEN them, when we need to just be FOR THEM.

To be there when the bills come.

When the family strife comes.

If she chooses to give the baby to adoptive parents... BEING THERE THEN.

Being there when it is hard. That's choosing BOTH.

Why do we have to make it seem like there is a choice here?

Choose both.

Love both.

That's really the only choice that matters.

Maybe if we love the single mother better...

Maybe if we adopted all the kids needing homes...

Maybe if we loved better the rest of the world would come to agree, there really isn't a choice between.

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