How to be Productive in the Slowness

Alright, who sometimes has a hard time being productive when nothing, and I mean nothing is motivating you, (pointing to myself!) I have a few tips on how to be productive with the slowness of our lives now and when there is no motivation.

1. The night before, create a to-do list for the following day! List everything out! Many times my lists as a stay at home mom are as simple as laundry, dishes, send that message/email, etc. But it is hard to get that done sometimes. It is so satisfying to be able to physically check things off your list. It shows you how productive you are.

2. At the beginning of each week, create a major to-do list. Write down the big things you want to accomplish, whether it is a project, a conversation that needs to be had, a meeting, whatever those big things are, write them down on a separate list. You will feel even more accomplished finishing two to-do lists and it will give you more motivation.

3. Make sure you set aside time for mental breaks! I try to make sure I get outside each day, (weather permitting), or I will sit in the quiet for a minute, or even try to take a short nap. You will think clearer if you give yourself a break.

4. Start by getting yourself up in the morning with a plan. Get up, make coffee, spend time with Jesus and tell yourself the first task you want to accomplish. This is kind of like your game plan. This game plan only has to start your day, usually, once you get started you will keep going.

5. At the end of each day, look back at what you were able to accomplish and be proud of yourself. If you didn’t get everything done, it is okay, give yourself some grace!

I hope this helps motivates you a little while you work at home, study at home, live in this new lifestyle that was handed to each of us. We each just have to remember that God has a plan for this and trust Him through it! He will give us the strength to get through each day, the good and bad days!

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