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LACE Word of 2020 | Intentional | Living on Purpose

Being intentional (or as I like to call it living on purpose) is the word Team Lace has chosen for 2020. Our goal is to encourage you and remind ourselves the various ways we should be intentional with our living.

So, what does it mean to take life on? To live on purpose.

Living on purpose does NOT mean:

  • A go, go, go lifestyle

  • Forming a routine for routine sake

  • Saying YES to everything (but reserving your YES for the right things)

  • A disregard for personal progress (in other words being stagnant)

Living on purpose does NOT always mean living motivated.

It can be VERY, VERY hard to always be motivated but a person who lives on purpose is PASSIONATE enough to continue on those hard days… to stick to it. ON PURPOSE. FOR A PURPOSE.

1. Living life on purpose is about perseverance.

Because life hits us in waves. Different seasons bring different lessons, blessings, and opportunities for growth. #thankyouLord Praises that He wants what is best for us, including who we are becoming for His glory.

2. Living life on purpose can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be traveled alone.

Sometimes, more often than not, it means going against culture. A culture so focused on self and yet we are forgetting ourselves too... tell me how that works? It is because instead of spending our time scrolling we are meant to be living. Connecting. Becoming.

You are not meant to travel alone. Or live your life merely watching others live theirs.

3. Living life on purpose means filling your life with commitment and not just commitments:

  • Reserving YES for the God things and not just everything

God has taught me so much in the past two years about being careful not to say yes just to please others but instead to reserve my yes to please Him alone. Saying no to even good things to be available to say YES to His things. Saying no to good things to say yes to God things. We have to know the responsibility of our yes and our no.

  • NOT a burnout lifestyle with NO rest

Living intentional requires passion and a mission mindset. It is IMPOSSIBLE to always be moving at a passionate pace. Everyone requires time to refuel and refocus. Jesus took moments to be alone with the Father (and He is the example of who we are to become and thus we must embrace resting in the Father).

We all need rest. This is why God invented Sunday. No really, omnipotent God rested on the seventh day. Not for His benefit but to in all things, show us the way. He created a day of rest because YOU need it!

You have to be living for something. Everyone is.

The question is what are YOU living for?

Getting your degree, getting that promotion or maybe just getting through the week…

No, I’m talking a deeper trek of reflection. The WHO behind YOU.

Is it you? Or something bigger. Something lasting longer than the next promotion or relationship.

Remember life is a marathon

Something my Dad always used to remind me was life is a marathon not a sprint.

It is a journey. You MUST take it one step at a time. One day at a time. This is why we need to live intentionally right where He has us in this season. Because today will NEVER happen again. This encounter. This opportunity. Things will change. You only have today to live today, tomorrow will be too late.

Run with others

Community is vital and it is so heartbreaking to me that in a world where social media is a thing that we have never been more connected (maybe pseudo connected) and yet we have never been more alone.

No manner of life was meant to be lived alone. You were made for connections. You were made to be plugged into the only true source of love; Jesus. You were made for more than a life plagued with anxiety, worry, and fear. You were made for a life that JESUS DIED FOR.

You are meant to LIVE. And live it well. You were meant for an intentional life, given by a very intentional Heavenly Father who loves you more in this single moment than every person you will ever meet combined.

We are meant for connection, first with God and second with one another.

LACE is a community embracing what it means to live abundantly as Jesus talked about in John 10:10.

"The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10 (NASB)

Join us as we dive deeper into God's Word, discovering what this abundant life looks like every day. Join us for interviews with everyday women living in devotion to the Lord, living a John 10:10 life.

Join us! LACE was made for YOU! Welcome to the fam!

Life Acclaiming Christ Everyday (John 10:10)

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