• Elizabeth Foil

The Love of My Life

I have always loved the idea of a soul mate. That God places a specific person at a specific time... that will open our hearts when the time is right. The whole "arouse and awaken love" repeated so many times in Song of Solomon.

This person we are meant to love and marry. I've looked forward to meeting the love of my life, all of my life.

I can say confidently that I have met the ULTIMATE love of my life.

It may sound cliché, but this is not a laughing matter even if it sounds cheesy. I've always heard about falling in love with Christ. When He truly becomes our all - where we know even if we are single forever on earth that as long as it is His plan, it will be okay.

Christ truly is the love of my life. Someday, I'll marry my soul mate - who will also say ultimately, Christ is his greatest love too.

That is what I want now.

A man who loves Christ more than me.

A man who puts His plan above ours. Above comfort. Above other's opinions.

A man who will look up when Christ whispers in his ear, "Hey, there she is - your future wife."

I want the God ordained love story. The kind that people know could NEVER have been if it wasn't for His plan.

A love story that gives God glory. A love story that truly reflects His love for us.

The love of my life. Why do I give Christ that title? Because my entire life is His and He is the ultimate love. He is the perfect love.

As C.S. Lewis once said, "God allows us to feel the frailty of human love, so we can appreciate the strength of His."

His love will make mine with my future husband that much greater.

And if we are honest ladies, is there anything more attractive than a man who is chasing after God? A man who kneels to pray. A man who raises his hands in worship. A man whose eyes light up talking about our Savior.

To me there is nothing better. The real why behind the danger of being unequally yoked is this, they cannot understand the deepest ache of our souls - they cannot fill it. Only Christ can and without a relationship with Him, they cannot understand why we love Him. There will be much missed together.

To marry a man that when I am struggling doesn't try to fix me, instead he takes me to the feet of Jesus. Knowing that only there my holes can be filled, and hurts be healed. Knowing that ultimately, he can't save me, but he will always LEAD me back to the One who already has.

Let me leave it with this, to be truly in love and to love the way marriage requires - Christ must be at the center. This means Christ being the love of OUR lives. Both of us. Together and apart.

To someday say, "I have found the one whom MY SOUL loves." Song of Solomon 3:4

My soul.

This is Christ awakening us through His love -- and this is for every season. He is the ultimate love in EVERY season.

As the founder of LaceDevotion Ministries, Elizabeth Foil has a heart for sharing the Gospel and inspiring others to be on mission right where they are. This means encouraging you wherever you are called to GO! If you are new to the LDM fam, we welcome you here today. Please look around and connect with us. If you have a heart for missions, please make sure to message us! Trust Him in this thing called life, He is the Potter, we are the clay. Isaiah 64:8

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