• Elizabeth Foil

Dear Sister about to Graduate

This time last year I was about to graduate from college and let me just say life was rough. I was beyond ready to be done but saying goodbye to this season, at least there was some sense of comfort in the normalcy of tests and projects. It was something compared to the unknown of life after graduation.... I had made it my career of being a student. Literally for 16 years on top of part time jobs THIS was my job. I had made grades my career. And then with one slip of paper all of that changed.

And now I see what a beautiful thing that actually was.


1. It forced me to NOT look at my self-worth in the form of an A, B, C, or any other alphabetical letter.

Your value is not your GPA.

Your grades.

Or any other "ranking" system.

Yes, be proud of yourself for doing well and being motivated but don't let your self-worth

be based on anything but the ONE constant; Jesus Christ.

2. Finish well.

This season is ending faster than you can blink. Time passed quickly from finals and presentations... and then it happened; I graduated with honors and was SO happy to walk that stage.

I was happy to finish well.

You have this in you to finish well.

Even if it is your last week or you are over a year from graduation.

Or your are heading back into the academic world.

Or you have a job lined up.

Or don't have any plans yet.

Whatever you have coming up next, REJOICE NOW.

Rejoice in a beautiful beginning of another season even if it means the end of something familiar.

3. Embrace every moment.

That means if this has been the hardest week of your life, LOOK AT YOU GO GIRL!!! You are doing it. You are persevering through. This honestly will be a key thing to take with you in every season that comes next. #lifeaftergraduation

Each season has its tasks and rough patches. You CAN and WILL persevere through. Because you, my friend, are a woman of purpose and it goes beyond this... and beyond you.

Every aspect of this will be beautiful (even if you can't see it now) because it goes beyond!

There is an eternal impact to the season you are leaving and the season you are beginning.

Embrace it!


4. Step out in faith.

He began a good work in you... and there is much He has planned.

As Philippians 1:6 says, "For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."

Be confident stepping out. On that stage. Into the next season. Into this beautiful life He has planned...

There is much you have done and much you still have yet to do.

This does not begin or end with the job you have next.

Your identity is not found in your job title... just like it wasn't in your letter grade.

It is not found in the money you have in the bank or even the traveling you plan to do (but cool stuff!).

Your identity comes from SO MUCH MORE...

It comes from WHOSE you are. Not ANYTHING else. No other thing does this. You reflect the Creator of all, which means YES GIRL you are a hard worker and glorify in Him even in school work and any other job but it is not the root of your identity. Get me? Jobs change and seasons change but He is constant. My prayer is that in this moment, you realize this for the BIG DEAL it is. That you reflect HIM!

Ultimately isn't that the best title we have been given; we are His.

Let me end with this;

5. Take the lessons with you.

Take the motivation (even thought it may be kinda dry right now).

Take the faith.

Take the courage.

Walk in your purpose.

Embrace Christ each step of the way.

And smile girl as you walk that stage. Smile, and give glory to Jesus. Because He walks across with you. Then He takes your hand and leads you to the next thing.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for beautiful seasons that are so hard to leave because they were THAT good.

But thank you also for the seasons we are thankful to leave behind. Thank you for being with us, whichever season this was. If there is a sister in pain right now, my prayer is that Your presence will be felt there in this moment. Please give this sister peace!

Please give the sister who is so so tired, strength.

Please give the sister who is worried about the next thing, courage.

May she embrace that You will provide in just the right time.

Please give us the patience to hold on when we don't understand.

May we give you all the glory in the good and bad. As we run across stage with happy tears or sad...

probably both.

Either way, may we rejoice in this day and the next that You are FAITHFUL.

In Christ name we pray,


As the founder of LaceDevotion Ministries (LDM),

Elizabeth is passionate about introducing young women to Jesus Christ.

"There is no better way to become who you are meant to be than to be with the One who created you to BE. He knows the things etched within your heart. Don't you think He can handle your questions and hurts? He wants something more than your time. He wants YOU!"

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