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Unlikely Friendships

I love how God continues to blow my mind in every way that I least expect it. God puts plans on our calendars and people in our path that we might find different from our “normal” just so that He can show us His mighty power and control over this universe.

I recently attended a conference and had the opportunity to not only meet, but become good friends with a person that I would have passed on the street and not thought twice about. My new friend and I are the polar opposites in almost every aspect of life.

However, God used our differences to encourage each other and become very close because the one thing we had in common was Jesus. Jesus creates unity, He forms the most unlikely of friendships, and He will rock your world when you’re living in a consistent normal routine of life.

As I continue to grow in community with my new friend, I am also so thankful to Jesus for revealing Himself to me in ways I never saw coming. Jesus has such unique ways of speaking to us through other people and situations. Not only did God take me into an uncertain situation with a person I had never met before, but God showed me His faithfulness and redemption in incredible ways.

Being able to trust God even when you have no idea of the path in front of you is such a faith builder. I can easily allow my mind to become doubtful or begin to question things, but seeing how God shows up in every situation and relationship is so encouraging. The act of trusting God and following His will even when we feel as though we are in the dark is scary, but with a leap of faith comes a testimony and revelation of how awesome our God is.

Madison is a junior at Samford University, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. She is the youngest of two girls and keeps the family on their toes! Madison loves tennis whether she is coaching or playing, baking up something yummy in the kitchen, and making lasting memories with family and friends. ​She loves writing about her experiences from her journey with Jesus in order to encourage others and build a strong community of believers.

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