• Elizabeth Foil

Welcome To LaceDevotion Ministries

I could not be more thrilled to share this online community with you. Our hope here at LaceDevotion Ministries (LDM) is that you would find a home here. That this will be a place you feel safe to share what is really going on. We are a sisterhood because of Christ and because you are made for community.

Want to get involved or find out about our events?

Are you the first girl from your school to come to LDM and want to share this community with others you know? Consider becoming an ambassador! This program will be launching Fall 2017, more details to come.

Take a look around. Make sure to check out the online forum and take part in the discussion <3 you are welcome here.

You are loved.

Welcome to the sisterhood.

Many blessings,

Elizabeth Foil

Founder and Editor of LaceDevotion Ministries

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