When Rest Becomes Real | Guest Post

In the midst of warfare, the mindset of instability, and wondering which voices in my head to listen to, I am always reminded in various ways of the care and kindness God shows towards me.

Whether it be in a church service, from a friend/mentor, or an offset in my day, it is so encouraging to feel the presence of God and know that I am not called to throw in the towel, to quit and take the easy way through life.

No one in the Bible had it easy ESPECIALLY Jesus!

These difficult times grant me the chance to appreciate the easier opportunities in life when I can stop and smell the flowers.

Jesus came to redeem us and relate to us.

Although it feels like a myth to say Jesus could relate to my college, business major, sorority, female struggles; He did and at that point is where faith sets in and rest becomes real.

Rest in His presence, and rest in this reality and have peace that Jesus IS life and in the grand scheme of things, HE is all that matters.

Madison is a junior at Samford University, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. She is the youngest of two girls and keeps the family on their toes! Madison loves tennis whether she is coaching or playing, baking up something yummy in the kitchen, and making lasting memories with family and friends.

She loves writing about her experiences from her journey with Jesus in order to encourage others and build a strong community of believers.

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